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My Tony Horton 10 Minute Trainer Review: From Workout Schedule To Results

Hi Everyone.

I’ve just finished the Team Beach Body 10 Minute Trainer workout schedule which runs over the course of 4 weeks.

I set this site up to force myself to get fit after many failed attempts – see the about page for some more details – and this is in fact the first workout I went for.

Why Choose 10 Minute Trainer Ahead Of Something Else?

  • It didn’t look too hard – it’s not called Insanity or Total Body Meltdown or something similar.
  • It was popular, coming up high on the Amazon bestseller list.
  • Most of the reviews looked good.
  • It was quick to do.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my Tony Horton 10 Minute Trainer review – here goes…

First Off, What’s Included?

  • 5 different 10 Minute Trainer video workouts, combining cardio, muscle toning and stretching work. Janie and Gretchen take turns to follow Tony’s lead and show us how it’s done. There’s a detailed breakdown of each workout just below.
  • Set of resistance bands.
  • Guide to the program.
  • Dietary advice and meal plans.
  • 4 week workout calendar with some nice built in flexibility.
  • Workout On The Go cards if you’re without the videos.
  • Measurement tracker card to plot your progress.

Breakdown Of The Workouts

Cardio Comments
Combo Run Before starting, I took a photo of myself? I wasn’t going to but it helped get me motivated. OK, my face is bearable, but from the neck down it didn’t look too nice.

Lots of lunges, running, jumping and kicking with Cardio. I’ve never done much more than running in the past, so some nice variety. As with all the 10 Minute Trainer DVD workouts, some of the exercises are well-known, some Tony has created himself.

Also, make sure you’re warmed up properly. The 2 minute warm up that’s included might not be long enough for some with creaky joints and stiff muscles like me. Important as well, do the exercises within or at the edge of your comfort zone, especially at first. It’s very easy to overdo it early on as I found out.

Warrior Lunges
Off The Line
Charleston Kick
Circle Run
‘The Gretch’
Defensive Side
Side Lunge – Side Kick
Hop Squat – Run Home
Total Body Comments
Chuck-Ups This workout targets your legs, core and upper body, but especially that last one. My arms and shoulders got some serious attention, mainly using the resistance bands to full effect.

There were also some push up variations which were pretty tough, but this is a good example of where you can use a nice little modification and push from the knees rather than feet to make the going a little easier.

Some of the exercises worked the legs and arms but also required you to balance on one leg, so you get to target your core muscles too.

Switch Wrist Lawn Mower
Corkscrew-Military Press
Crazy Eights
Tricep Kickback Throws
Band Crunch
Rocking Iso Lunge
Deep Seats
Carlito Push-Ups
Yoga Flex Comments
Sun Salutations I was new to yoga, and this was a really pleasant surprise. It goes at a slower pace, a nice change down from the other workouts, and stretching was such a great complement to the rest of the program.

I’ve taken a lot of what I learnt here to stretch better before and after sport. I’ve suffered from a lot of muscle strains recently, and I sure enough during the yoga I was very tight at first. Over the 4 weeks, my hamstrings especially have loosened up a lot more.

Split Leg Hamstring Stretch
Runners Pose – Side Lunge
Right Angle pose
Warrior II + Reverse Warrior
Hamstring Stretch
Wide Leg + Cobbler’s Stretch
Pigeon Stretch
Torso Twist
Cat/Camel + Child’s Pose
Abs Comments
Cross Crunch Dear me. Definitely the hardest one for me. The only saving grace is that there’s so many different exercises in these 10 minutes that you can get little breathers as you swap positions.

Particularly tough for me were the bike exercises, the Side Arm ‘O’ Crunch (I still do the easier version of this) and Peek-A-Boo (partly because it’s towards the end and I’m tired out). There are lots of modifications you can do to make things easier though, like raising your legs further away from the floor during some of the crunches.

I got much better after I’d done it a bit but early on I was stopping a fair few times. Clearly, I never worked on my abs properly in the recent past (or more accurately ever).

Bridge Crunch
Iso Bike + Speed Bike
Golden Gate
Side Arm ‘O’ Crunch (+ switch)
Hip Lift Kick (+ switch)
Plank ‘O’ Crunch
3-Point Plank Crunch (+ switch)
The Dawn
Mountain Climber
Superman Crunch
Tick Tock Lift
Scissor Crunch + Lift
Lower Body Comments
3 Part Squats This is probably my favorite. You really feel your quads burning, especially during the In-Out Squats and 3-Way Jocky Squats but again, you get the hang of it over time which is very satisfying.

The Pendulum is a tricky balancing move swinging one leg at a time back and forth. Try not to watch the video, just look straight ahead – that helps keep you from losing your balance. Or use a chair.

Like with most of the moves, you kind of have to concentrate on doing it right, and there are often slight variations Tony brings in every 20 or 30 seconds. As a result, you focus less on feeling tired and the time goes much quicker.

Alternating Lunges
Front Knee – Front Kick
In-Out Hop Squats
3-Way Jockey Squats
Side Lunge – Side Kick
Tip-Toe Squats
Band Hip Raise
4 Direction Iso Lunge

The 10 Minute Trainer Schedule

10 Minute Trainer Calendar

Official calendar but too small to print off!

You can do 1, 2 or 3 10 minute workouts each day. I started off with one a day and got to the full complement in week 3. There’s a 10 Minute Trainer calendar, pic here, included with the workouts which suggests which to do and on what days.

I’ve done my own free 10 Minute Trainer Workout Calendar pdf which is a downloadable version so you can print it off, see the link below. I’ve done another Excel version that’s editable on each day, so you can decide what you’re going to do for each week of a 4 week period, edit the spreadsheet and print. It even adds up the total workouts you’re doing of each type at the bottom. Hope you like it.

10 Minute Workout Calendar pdf
10 Minute Workout Calendar editable excel spreadsheet

You are probably going to want to vary things up a bit over time, but be careful not to overdo it and also allow sufficient rest for each muscle group between sessions.

10 Minute Trainer Diet Advice

With the workouts, you get a 10 Minute Trainer Meal Plan with some nice ideas for healthy snacks and meals, and the Rapid Results Guidebook has some sensible and not too radical dietary advice on improvements you can make too. There’s also something called the Lean Jean Plan with the strap line ‘lose one jean size in 10 days’. It isn’t exactly a crash diet, but it was too severe for me.

I’ve spoken about my approach in the weekly journals I wrote, but prompted I guess from reading through the advice, basically I just stuck with some fairly easy changes to my diet – no seconds, smaller portions and swapping to a few lower fat alternatives (like skimmed milk, low fat cheese and margarine). Best of all, as I was finally doing some exercise, I didn’t want to undo my hard work, so I had many more evenings without booze and nibbles, a constant battlefront of mine.

Pros and Cons

Pros First

  • I enjoyed it, simple as that. Hard work, but fun.
  • I kind of liked Tony. He seems to really know what he’s talking about but at the same time he doesn’t take himself too seriously. He manages a nice combination of instructing you, motivating you and distracting you when you need it.
  • Loads of variation. Changing the number of workouts you do each day, swapping between 5 different workouts, the large number of exercises in a workout and even modifications to those exercises.
  • With all these changes you don’t burn out.
  • 10 Minute Trainer grows with your ability levels. You can add in extra workouts each day, go for the harder version of each exercise and use tougher resistance bands.
  • Cool time bar at the bottom of the screen!
  • There are isometric elements along with non-isometric.
  • Very much an all body workout – great if your sport of other activities only targets certain muscle groups and leave others out. Tony is always looking at ways to work extra muscles and incorporate stretches in to each exercise.
  • There’s a normal sound option or ‘Trainer Tracker’ where you get some additional advice.
  • Nice to take what you’ve learnt and use it elsewhere, especially the yoga stretching stuff.
  • It’s quick. Ok, it takes 40 minutes for 3 workouts but you can still do the 10 minute session very quickly plus 5 mins for warm up and cool down. That way, you don’t get out of the habit and manage to fit in something even when time’s short.


  • The warm up is quite short. I’d advise doing a few extra stretches.
  • The music is only background – once you’ve got the moves memorized, time to crank up your own.
  • If you want to use the resistance bands in the Cardio session, you need to fix them to the hinges of a door. Not all doors have the hinges in the right place for this. To be honest though, I kind of like doing Cardio without the bands.
  • Space requirements. For the Cardio workout, especially with the bands. If you’ve only got room to lie down on the floor and no more, Cardio will be difficult.
  • The resistance band might not be right for you, too firm or too easy – you can get different ones though but it’s a bit of a pain.
  • You get 5 workouts and the resistance bands, but some people think it’s a bit too expensive nonetheless.
  • It’s not really appropriate for complete beginners I’d say. The exercises swap over quickly and some are quite challenging.
  • Initially it can be a bit hard to pick up the moves. The ‘Trainer Track’ helps though.
  • After the workouts, you get to hear a few infomercials, so turn off quickly or mute the TV if that’s not your thing.

Speaking of Which, Here’s A Look At Beach Body’s 10 Minute Trainer Infomercial!

Just in case you want to check it out…

Important Question. Does the 10 Minute Trainer Work?

My 10 Minute Trainer results are not breathtaking, but then again I didn’t diet too heavily with the program. I’m also only 4 weeks in at the moment, and have to go on to something else now. I cannot very well set up a workout site and only try one thing out, so I’m off to pastures new for the time being.

Nonetheless, I lost weight – albeit only about 4 pounds, but I am definitely in better shape already, after only a month. I feel more toned up, I’m just starting to see some abdominal muscles even, and they’ve been hidden for many years now. I’m sharper on the football pitch too, and my endurance has gone up. That makes sense, as I can now do 3 instead of one of the workouts a day and recover quicker than when I started out as well.

It’s good fun too, I didn’t find myself dreading the workouts at all, and they do contain some inherent motivational juice. As I progressed, I was chomping at the bit waiting to return to each workout to see if was getting better, and I was really keen to try to move up to 3 sessions a day. Once there, I was able to concentrate on moving to the harder versions of each exercise too.

In terms of the claims made by Beach Body and Tony, and even if I was very disciplined about my diet, it’s going to take a while before people stop me in the street to admire my amazing physique. Nonetheless, it does work, so I’m only really knocking the slightly overzealous marketing spiel you find in the infomercial and on the back of the box.

What have other Tony Horton 10 Minute Trainer reviews got to say for themselves?

I checked on and 70% of reviewers (90 odd in total) gave the program 4 or 5 stars, so not bad.

Of the ones who were less happy, the main gripe was that it was a little too difficult. I’m not hugely fit but neither am I a complete beginner. If you are, I’d save this one until later.

Most people seem to have really enjoyed the workouts, and got some good results, and I’m in that camp.

So, Would I recommend It?


I stuck at it so it must have something going for it.

If you want to try it out, or read up on some other reviews, please click on the link below, which goes through to Amazon. You can get hold of accessories like additional resistance bands there too.

10 Minute Trainer Review

Finally, if you want to check out my journal entries for each of the 4 weeks of the program, please click the links below.

10 Minute Trainer Week 1
10 Minute Trainer Week 2
10 Minute Trainer Week 3
10 Minute Trainer Week 4

Thanks very much for checking out my review. Please leave a comment below if you’ve got a question or two or if you’ve already given it a go.

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